Why I Rally – Marilyn Falzone

September 15, 2015


Marilyn’s daughters Julie & June


Rally for the Cure proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. There are 49 clubs across the country that have Rallied with us each year since 1996. Our new “Why I Rally” series was created to share the commitment and dedication of these Rally participants and Ambassadors. Each and every one of you makes a difference.

Why WE Rally…

My support to fight breast cancer goes back many years through Rally and local endeavors. It has intensified over the past nine years as my two daughters were both diagnosed with a rare form of this disease in which the tumors are soft, thus they do not show on mammograms or in physical exams.

I thank God every day for the radiologists reading mammogram films who do not settle for inconclusive results by ordering further testing. That was the case with both of them.  I got that dreaded call twice after their MRI results were back. Their MRIs showed what was feared.

June, at age 45, diagnosed stage 2 with spread into lymph nodes. She is now 8 years free and going strong.

Julie was diagnosed stage 3 at age 49 in 2014. She, like her sister, continue to amaze me with their strength and determination to beat this horrible disease.

June wrote this in her daily dairy as she faced her chemo and radiation treatments and I would like to share with you.

“Since my cancer diagnosis, my life is joyously simpler. I know who and what are truly important and why”. Both June and Julie are my heroes.  Need I say more.

– Marilyn Falzone

The Golf Club at Blue Heron Hills