Why I Rally – Karen Guthrie-Mehlert

May 26, 2016


Rally for the Cure proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. We created our “Why I Rally” series to celebrate and honor our Ambassadors who’ve supported our program over the years. “Why I Rally” allows our Ambassadors and participants to tell their story, and share their commitment and dedication in helping put an end to breast cancer. Each and every one of you makes a difference!


Why I Rally

“The reality of the breast cancer monster hit me when I was a young teacher in Seattle. Many of my dear teacher friends fell victim to it when they were way too young. MaryKay, my teaching, jogging, and wine-drinking buddy, fought it courageously for several years, until it took her life. I will NEVER forget saying goodbye to her, with her teenage daughter in the room, at the hospital. Nancy, our school secretary was next to fight breast cancer and lose the battle- she was the “glue” of our school, taking care of everyone, even during her chemo. Next was Andree, my dear Hawaiian friend, who fought it while it metastasized all over her beautiful body. We sent Andree to “The Oprah Show” to meet Lance Armstrong & talk to Oprah about how she was fighting the fight of her life. Lance gave her a bicycle. She died when her daughter was 12. And next was my teaching buddy, Marty, who we celebrate every year that her markers remain GOOD!


The real miracle of why I Rally is my little sister, Jodi Ann, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 42, with 2 young boys. Jodi fought this beast and won! Jodi & I walked the Phoenix 3-Day two times, and I crewed Phoenix & Seattle three times. Jodi will be 60 in just 2 weeks, and she is my true hero. She is brave and smart and loving. She is my best friend, and she is still here! There WILL be a cure for breast cancer in my lifetime, I just know there will, and Jodi & I will celebrate! And until then, I will continue Rallying, because we can’t walk away, we HAVE to do SOMETHING, for MaryKay, and Nancy, and Andree, and Marty, and Ruthie, and Marilyn, and Cheryl, and Shairry…..”


Karen Guthrie-Mehlert, Rally Ambassador

The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch, Queen Creek, AZ