Why I Rally – Joanne Assad

May 12, 2016


Rally for the Cure proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. We created our “Why I Rally” series to celebrate and honor our Ambassadors who’ve supported our program over the years. “Why I Rally” allows our Ambassadors and participants to tell their story, and share their commitment and dedication in helping put an end to breast cancer. Each and every one of you makes a difference!


Why WE Rally…Joanne Assad_Pine Lake CC Group Picture

“Pine Lake Country Club Ladies 9-Holer Golf League became interested in Rally because of our friends who got breast cancer. Some were lucky and were cured. Sadly, others were not so lucky, traveled a long and difficult road and did not make it. As the years passed, the 18-Holers took part in the event and it has continued to grow. Now all lady golfers take part as well as men golfers. The last few years we’ve included a dinner and raffle so it has blossomed. All members have a chance to participate. We enjoy taking part and are happy to play a small part in this great cause.”


Joanne Assad, Rally Ambassador

Pine Lake Country Club, Charlotte, NC