Why I Rally – Jean Roush

October 20, 2015


Rally for the Cure proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. There are 49 clubs across the country that have Rallied with us each year since 1996. Our new “Why I Rally” series was created to share the commitment and dedication of these Rally participants and Ambassadors. Each and every one of you makes a difference.


Why WE Rally…

“I Rally because as a nurse I have seen the effects of Breast Cancer on patients, families and friends in too many cases; because I am a survivor and am eternally grateful for the treatment that resulted in remission for twenty years; because it is imperative that resources continue to be available for that treatment and for research which has resulted in recent decreases in incidences and death rates; and because Komen Rallies help to provide those resources, as well as bring heightened awareness of women’s health care needs.”

Jean Roush, Rally 20 Year Ambassador

Cronin’s Golf Resort, Warrensburg, NY, 20 Year Club