The Power To Save A Life – Blue Heron Hills

October 31, 2014


The Blue Heron Hills WGA has had a Rally event for 19 years.  Ambassador Marilyn’s family has been touched by breast cancer.  Her oldest daughter, underwent breast cancer surgery 8 years ago when a fairly rare cancer was detected after an MRI.

The doctor who read her mammogram felt the need to have the MRI.  The cancer was soft, tubular and not detectable by touch as not bumpy or solid.  Lymph nodes were removed and a double mastectomy done.  8 years later to the month, her sister went through the same experience, same cancer, same MRI, same surgical results.  One sister was stage 2; the other, stage 3.  Both girls are strong individuals, athletic, healthy eaters, non-smokers and have a strong support system.  Both were diligent in self-exams and mammograms.  There are 9 females on their father’s side that have had breast cancer.

Know your risks.  “So glad to have been a part of the Rally program and to continue Blue Heron’s support for these 19 years and into years forward….until there is no need as the cure and non-invasive treatments are found.”

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