Susan G. Komen Honors Conde Nast & Rally For The Cure

by Rally for the Cure

August 4, 2014


Susan G. Komen® honored Condé Nast and Rally for the Cure at its annual Susan G. Komen Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, Texas with its REACH Award. This award is presented to the partner that has actively Recruited and Engaged new Activists for the Cure through multiple mediums.

Since 1996, Rally has involved more than – 45,000 volunteer Ambassadors to champion breast cancer awareness within their communities. Rally HQ representatives work tirelessly throughout the year to recruit new Rally Ambassadors and volunteers in an effort to support the cause.

Serving as dedicated partners for 18 years, the services that these Ambassadors provide are truly invaluable, as they have been instrumental in fundraising and awareness efforts on a larger scale.

Condé Nast, through SELF Magazine, has provided significant print and digital media resources helping Komen reach millions of women across the country with breast health messaging. In total, Condé Nast through the Rally program and SELF has generated over $75 million dollars for the mission.

“The passion and dedication that these Ambassadors have shown has contributed to widespread education for over two million people about breast cancer and breast health initiatives,” said Norm Bowling, Komen’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer.  “We are extremely honored to dedicate this year’s REACH award to Condé Nast and Rally for the Cure for their unwavering dedication to the Komen mission, exceptional efforts in fundraising and raising awareness,” he added.

“The success of Rally is attributed to the thousands of volunteer Ambassadors who have made a commitment to champion the cause in their community, said Heather Hamilton, Condé Nast Executive Director who oversees the Rally program. It is their time, dedication and passion that we truly value in our commitment to support Susan G. Komen and we dedicate this honor to them.

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