Read Diane Herring’s Personal Rally Story

April 16, 2014

Bangor Municipal Golf Course, Women’s Golf Club

Ambassador: Diane Herring

“I read the introduction about progress and women neglecting breast cancer screening.  I can relate as I was diagnosed in February 2012 as a result of my “routine” annual screening.  Thank God, I have always been vigilant about my annual screenings and the great news is that mine was caught early by my annual mammogram.  It showed up as “simply a distortion” and it could not be felt (by me or any of the doctors) and it couldn’t be “identified” as a tumor” (only a distortion).

Thank heavens for very astute radiologists that pursued the distortion. They scheduled me for a biopsy and then an MRI to isolate the tumor.  It was DCIS; two surgeries (partial mastectomy), 33 radiation treatments (no chemo as lymph nodes were clear)…..and I have recovered beautifully.  I feel that I owe my life to “routine annual mammogram screenings”, and I hope to “give back” by “spreading the word”.