Part 1: Rally Speaks With Komen CEO, Dr. Judy Salerno

December 19, 2014

dr-judy-salerno, we had a chance to speak with Susan G. Komen CEO, Dr. Judy Salerno at Ballantyne Country Club in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Salerno came into town to deliver the keynote address during the Rally for the Cure event held at the club on September, 26th. Here’s what she had to say about the relationship between Rally for the Cure and Komen and the qualities that Rally participants embody. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you part two of the interview next week.

Rally: Can you tell us about the relationship that Rally’s had with Komen and some of the positive things that have come out of it?

Dr. Judy Salerno: What a wonderful partnership we’ve had with Rally. We have raised over $75 million for breast cancer – awareness, treatment, help in our local communities, research. And it’s so important because Rally has a presence in all the communities we serve. And it’s a year-round presence. It’s not just a one-day golf tournament. But it’s very special, because it’s of the community, by the community and for the community.

Rally: Can you talk about the spirit that you see in the Rally participants?

Dr. Judy Salerno: I have to use the word passion again because it’s so apparent and it’s energizing for me to see so many people coming out and caring so much for their neighbors, their sisters, their mothers – people who have had breast cancer and people that they don’t even know, who are going through the breast cancer journey. They are making sure that everyone who has a diagnosis of breast cancer knows that not one of them will be alone in this journey. You know there are more than three million survivors now! That’s because of the work of organizations and groups like Rally, who have put so much into this and made it possible for us to make enormous advances in the treatment of breast cancer.


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