Jan Smith, 20 Year Ambassador – Why I Rally

by Rally Team

August 29, 2015



Rally for the Cure proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. There are 49 clubs across the country that have Rallied with us each year since 1996. Our new “Why I Rally” series was created to share the commitment and dedication of these Rally participants and Ambassadors. Each and every one of you makes a difference.

Why WE Rally…

As the Fillmore Golf Club celebrates the 20th year anniversary of the Susan G. Komen – Rally for the Cure ladies golf tournament, we also celebrate that Jan Smith has been the coordinator of this event every single year! It all started when Jan suggested this worthy cause to her friend, and co-owner of the Fillmore Golf Club, Margaret Ranke. At the time, Margaret’s 11 year old daughter was battling cancer. The two decided that a ladies golf tournament, with the proceeds going to fight cancer, was a wonderful idea. Jan also had several friends that were battling breast cancer, so this seemed like the “perfect fit!”

Jan went around to local businesses and asked for donations and prizes. Since the very first tournament, every participant goes home with a prize. Six years ago the girls also established a 9-hole co-ed tournament, for men and women.

You ask why we “Rally for the Cure?” We Rally to help all those courageous people that battle this terrible disease! We Rally to help give money so that a cure can be found! We Rally to let those that endure this awful ordeal, know that we love them and support them and want to help find a cure so others will not have to go through this! We Rally because we know loved ones that have battled cancer and this is a way that we can show our support! It is our honor to support Rally for the Cure and Susan G. Komen!

– Jan Smith, 20 Year Ambassador

  Filmore Golf Club, New York