Advice for New Rally Ambassadors & Groups

by The Rally Team

July 2, 2015

Organizing your first Rally for the Cure event can be a little daunting. You want to raise awareness, you want people to have fun and you may also want to raise money, but where to begin? Here are ten tips to consider as you develop the first spark of an idea into a successful Rally.

  1. Start Small. Begin with an enthusiastic bunch of friends who share a passion for the cause and can help you brainstorm event ideas. Before you know it – you’ll have a plan!
  1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time. Keep in mind that everything takes longer than you could ever imagine – especially if you have a group of friends on the organizing committee who like to chat between scheduled discussion topics.
  1. Set Agendas and Follow-Up Action Items. The goal is to (gently!) keep everyone on task and be sure someone takes notes of agreed “to do” items.
  1. Share Ideas and Plans from the Start. Always involve your location management and staff in planning as early as possible. If they feel invested in the fight against breast cancer, they will be committed to the success of your event.
  1. Develop a Team Approach. A team approach creates a committed group of volunteers who know they are valued and will feel invested in producing a well-run event.
  1. Consider Finding Support from Local Sponsors. Although raising breast cancer awareness may be the main goal of your event, involving sponsors from your local business community will contribute to this awareness and help with fundraising if their generosity can underwrite some of your costs.
  1. Focus on Your Mission When Making an “Ask.” Many people feel uncomfortable asking for donations, whether cash or auction items- but it is amazing how easy it can be when you focus on the women in need in your community and vital research you want to fund.
  1. Include an Inspirational Speaker. A few remarks from an inspiring speaker will remind everyone why they are Rallying for a Cure. A survivor from your group or a representative from your local Komen affiliate can provide a moment of thought and purpose among the festive pink attire and fun competitions.
  1. Plan for the Unexpected. Create an emergency plan in case of mishaps and always consider options for a rainout.
  1. Have Fun! Your main goal is to host a fun event while raising awareness. Sharing your passion to eradicate this dreadful disease will encourage your participants to book their mammograms and donate to the cause!

Rally On!