9 Ideas To Make Your Rally Event Great!

by Rally for the Cure

May 7, 2014


Rally for the Cure events are tons of fun. Golf, friends, food and prizes are always a great combination. But there are some other creative ways that you can take your event to the next level. Here are nine of them that you might way to try at your Rally event this summer:

Hole #1 Putt from the breast Cancer Ribbon. After your ball reaches the green, move it to the end of the ribbon and putt from there.

Hole #2 Pink Yardstick. Use the pink yardstick to shorten your putt.  If your putt is shorter than the yardstick, it is counted as in.

Hole #3 Estimation Jar. guess the number of items in the jar!  Write your first and last name on the colored slips along with you guess.  Fold slip and put in box.

Hole #4 Pink Ball. Use a pink ball on this hole and subtract 2 strokes from your score.

Hole #5 Pink Lemonade. Enjoy a pink lemonade donated by the ambassador or a sponsor.

Hole #6 Pink Pass. If you are wearing pink, you have a free mulligan on this hole.

Hole #7 Putter Switch. If you switch putter with someone in your group, you may take 1 stroke off your putts.

Hole #8 Silly Skills Challenge. Chip three balls – try to get them in the hoop.  The best chipped on your team gets two treat, everyone else gets one.

Hole #9 Rally Skills Challenge. Closest ball to the pin on your drive.

Most of all…have fun!  If you have other fun twists that make your Rally for the Cure even more enjoyable please post a comment here to share with the entire community. Thanks for supporting the fight against Breast Cancer by playing in our Rally for the Cure Tournament!